Automated Music Shop

Concept, Design, Frontend, Backend, Integrations

Noisefarm makes the search for the right film music, easier then ever. Intuitive and simple, Noisefarm has built in features to make music licensing easy and fun.

About this project

Noisefarm is a fully fledged, fully automated online music shop for filmmakers. The main focus of this project was to build a web service that can run independently with very little human oversight. The platform includes a web shop, an artist portal where artists can upload and manage their songs and pay out their income. Built from scratch this web app includes a smart search algorhytm for a quick and intuitive search experience, an automated audio processing unit for editing songs, generating different formats and audio-watermarked demos, a coupon generator, a internal customer relationship management platform for tracking user funnels and interaction, interconnectivity with facebook services through facebook pixel or blog delivery over instant articles and many other features.


Multi-Role User System / Automatic audio-watermark generation / CRM / Email Automation / Facebook Instant Articles / internal search algorhytm / Braintree Integration