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We design, code and build

Full Stack.

We create complete infrastructures for our projects. By handling both client and server-side operations, we tightly integrate the two systems for a perfect fit. This way we create highly customized applications that meet all of our customers needs.

For all sizes.

Our applications are built to work on every screen size. In a world where smart devices change in shape and size by the year, it is important to build products which can be used on any device - be it a pc, tablet, phone, tv or anything else to come.

For great experiences.

A consistent and fullfilling user experience is paramount in converting new users into happy, returning customers. When it comes down to it, user experience makes all the difference between a good and a great product.

For visual impact.

One of our core principles is crafting beatufiul designs. We want our applications to be clean, clutter-free and a pleasure to look at. By pairing great functionality together with attractive design make our apps stick out of the crowd.

For search engines.

Today, SEO has to be a important part of your strategy. Our products are build for perfect integration with search engines and social media. We make sure your users can find you through Google, Facebook, Twitter and basically from everywhere.

From ground up.

There is nothing we love more than bringing ideas to life. During the creation process, we work closely together with our customers on every step of the way - from an initial idea, to sketches, mockups, working prototypes to a finished product.

For the future.

We build our products using the most advanced technologies available. This way we can easily keep up with new market demands, use new API's, SDK's and other modern tools as soon as they are made available and offer exciting new products to our customers.

For easy support.

Great products demand uncomplicated support. Our developers offer personal help in setting up, troubleshooting and customizing new projects. We also offer custom taylored hosting and setup using our own servers and infrastructure.

Contact Us

Philipp Fauser

Attic-Studio, Eldenaer Straße 60, 10247 Berlin


0176 682 757 49